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Waterfront Plan Implementation
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Page updated Jul 6, 2015 11:34 AM

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Old Dominion Boat Club

July 2014: City Recognizes Old Dominion Boat Club Property Agreement Ratification

On July 22, The Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) notified the City that its members had ratified property exchange and settlement agreements with the City that would allow ODBC to construct a new clubhouse and parking lot one block south of their current locations. These agreements were approved by Alexandria City Council on June 24 and executed by ODBC and City officials on June 25. ODBC indicated that more than 80 percent of Boat Club members who participated in balloting between July 19 and July 21 voted in favor of ratifying the contracts. The agreements will result in an exchange of ODBC property around the north end of The Strand with City property around the south end. More... 

June 2014: City Approves Property Exchange and Settlement Agreements with ODBC

On June 24, 2014, City Council unanimously approved property exchange and settlement agreements between the City and the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC), which will allow ODBC to construct a new clubhouse and parking lot one block south of their current locations. On June 25, City Manager Rashad M. Young and ODBC President Richard Banchoff executed the agreements on behalf of the parties. The agreements will be presented in July for ratification by ODBC’s members, a majority of whom voted in March to approve the move option. The properties that ODBC will transfer to the City form the heart of the new Waterfront design, and their transition to public open space is a critical step in the Waterfront Plan. ODBC’s new facilities will include a modern, flood-proof clubhouse and parking for members, and eventually, new piers. 

March 2014: City Offers Options to Old Dominion Boat Club for Resolution of Parking Lot Dispute

The City of Alexandria has offered the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) two negotiated options in an attempt to settle a decade-long dispute involving the club’s parking lot and adjacent areas. The City and ODBC’s negotiating teams jointly developed two options for OBDC to choose from in an attempt to avoid using eminent domain. The offers provide ODBC with the same or better functional use of other property, which is above and beyond the compensation required by law.

The disputed property is located where the commercial activity of King Street meets the civic activities of the Waterfront, resulting in a natural gathering spot for members of the public and, potentially, the principal hub of pedestrian activity for all of Old Town. For this reason, the Waterfront Plan identifies this location for a new public plaza where these activities can take place.

In November 2013, City Council directed the City Manager to continue negotiations with ODBC for 90 days to resolve the dispute. If no consensual resolution is reached, City Council has directed the City Manager and the City Attorney to begin the eminent domain process to acquire the necessary properties for this public project.

ODBC has called a special meeting and vote for late March and has notified its membership. The City awaits a review and a vote by the club on these two offers.

  • Stay in Place Option: Allows ODBC to stay in their current building, gives them additional parking in a City-owned parking garage nearby, and provides the club with an equal number of better boat slips. The City would also pay the club $2.5 million.
  • Move Option: Allows ODBC to build a new clubhouse on the Potomac in the former “Beachcombers” location at the foot of Prince Street with less flooding risk, better views and a large potential rooftop patio. ODBC would get 45 more usable surface parking spaces and this option would allow them to build a new boat ramp, piers and slips. The City would also pay the club $5 million.

The monetary compensation for both options are negotiated amounts that represent the value of the property ODBC is transferring to the City, minus the value of the property the ODBC is obtaining, and addresses the fundamental value of a compromise.

ODBC Comparison Graphic ImageNovember 2013: Alexandria City Council Moves to Resolve Old Dominion Boat Club Parking Lot Dispute

The Alexandria City Council held a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, to provide a discussion and public hearing to examine the City's options, including eminent domain, for 1) implementing the approved Waterfront Small Area Plan and 2) resolving a longstanding dispute with the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) concerning the Club's parking lot and adjacent areas. The disputed property is located in a key area of the Waterfront Plan.

At the special public hearing, the Alexandria City Council voted 6–1 to direct City Manager Rashad M. Young to continue discussions for 90 days with the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC), in an attempt to resolve issues relating to the City's Waterfront Small Area Plan and the ODBC parking lot. The Council also directed the City Manager and the City Attorney to take the steps required to initiate the eminent domain process for the necessary property in the event a consensual resolution is not reached. At that time, the Council can, or will, consider action to exercise its right for eminent domain.

Council also discussed the City using an independent mediator during discussions with ODBC, if both sides concur.

The Waterfront Plan, a 20-30 year vision for the City's Potomac shore, was approved by City Council in 2012. The Plan provides a framework for revitalizing Alexandria's waterfront through several means, including: incorporating Alexandria's history as a foundation for planning and design, expanding and enhancing public open spaces, improving public access and connectivity to the waterfront, promoting the waterfront as an arts and cultural destination, and ensuring compatible development.

Graphic (at right): Comparison of Approved Waterfront Plan, City Compromise Proposal, and ODBC Proposal 

Background Information

After more than 15 years of negotiations and discussion, in June the City offered ODBC a compromise proposal regarding the disputed property. The proposal outlined nine parameters containing significant concessions to ODBC, while affirming the City's approved Waterfront Small Area Plan. The Plan, approved by City Council in 2012, is designed to improve the waterfront's appearance, increase public access, and implement vital flood mitigation measures. To date, ODBC negotiators have not formally responded to the City's compromise proposal.

The City wishes to resolve this issue for the following reasons:

  • Implementation of the approved Waterfront Plan assures continuous public access and connectivity to the waterfront. The disputed property is the last barrier to ensuring this access.
  • Implementation of the Waterfront Plan has begun; park and public space development will start this month; redevelopment is taking place and stakeholders need to know how to move forward.
  • Flood mitigation measures planned for the lower King Street area, necessary to the sustainability and vibrancy of lower King Street, will be integral to the overall success of the Waterfront Plan.

The City has made every effort to offer the ODBC fair solutions; however, the Club's requests remain outside of what the City considers necessary for the public good. While no decision has been made about what tool City Council will use to implement the Waterfront Plan, one option under consideration is eminent domain. Eminent domain is the government's ability to acquire private property for public use after fair and just compensation to the property owner. There is an established judicial process in place so property owners are fairly and adequately compensated for any land acquired by eminent domain.

Old Dominion Boat Club Responses

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