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Landlord-Tenant Relations Division

Landlord-Tenant relations and available resources.


 Complaint Mediation
The Landlord Tenant Relations Division mediates housing-related disputes between landlords and tenants. To accomplish this, the Division provides information to both parties on their rights and responsibilities under local and state law, and by offering mediation by mutual agreement. 

Relocation Counseling 
The Division provides housing counseling services to persons seeking rental housing in the City. A listing of rental apartment complexes, including those that are affordable because rents are restricted for households with incomes within certain income guidelines, is available at the Office and can be accessed online below. Staff can also provide information on vacancies and apartment complex locations. Landlord Tenant Relations staff conduct an annual Apartment Survey, which provides information on rent ranges, the location, contact numbers and available amenities of rental complexes with 10 or more units in the City.

Monitoring of Affordable Set Aside Units
Landlord Tenant Division staff monitor affordable rental units that are pledged by Developers in privately owned rental properties to ensure that these apartments are leased in compliance with income and rental guidelines established by the City.

Fair Housing Testing
To identify problems and promote compliance with fair housing laws, the Division conducts fair housing testing to determine the presence of discrimination in the rental and sales housing markets and in mortgage lending. Paid testers visit apartment complexes, real estate firms and mortgage lenders to test for discrimination. After testing, staff meet with the owners and managers of apartment complexes and real estate firms with less serious problems of discrimination discovered during testing, and file complaints with the City's Human Rights Office concerning more serious, repetitive problems. To date, the program has tested for rental housing discrimination based on race, national origin, familial status and sexual orientation, and for real estate sales and mortgage lending discrimination based on race and national origin. In addition to fair housing testing activities, staff of the Landlord-Tenant Relations Division provide a half-day training seminar on federal, state and local fair housing laws to real estate and property management companies. Training is also provided on request to property management firms.

Training for Realtors and Property Managers
To promote compliance with fair housing laws among businesses involved in the sale, rental or management of property in the City of Alexandria, Landlord-Tenant Relations staff provide half-day training to real estate or property management companies on compliance with federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Training is also provided upon request.

Beauregard Area Relocation
The Division offers information, coordination and other relocation assistance to residents of the Beauregard Area who are impacted by the proposed redevelopment of existing garden apartment buildings.

New:  October 2015 Update on Beauregard Area Activities  Click Here


Rental Resources

Virginia Housing Search (includes accessible units)

Affordable Rental Housing List  

2015 Apartment Survey


Laws and Policies 

Guide to Landlord-Tenant Laws & Policies
Housing Conversion Assistance Policy

Landlord-Tenant Relations Board

Landlord-Tenant Relations Board 

Meeting Minutes

 LLTRB Minutes Feb 2014

LLTRB Minutes 3-14

LLTRB Minutes 4-14

LLTRB 4-14 Special Meeting Minutes

LLTRB 6-14 minutes

LLTRB 9-14 Minutes