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Inmate Services

Inmate Services is responsible for several important tasks that help facilitate the security of the Detention Center outside of the easily identified security functions. Inmate Services accomplishes the intake/classification, case management and inmate programming and community corrections functions. Inmate Services staff work immediately with those newly committed to the Detention Center, through the intake process and then continue the management of all inmates in the Detention Center. The intake/classification process ensures that each inmate is placed in the cell and housing unit which is best suited for that inmate and for the facility. In 2013, Inmate Services' Classification Counselors conducted approximately 3,197 classifications, including reviews and placements. Other counseling services are provided via contract with the Alexandria Community Services Board, which provides substance abuse and mental health services to inmates. Inmate Services also oversees the delivery of medical care services, also provided by contract.

Inmate Services provides for Inmate Programs delivered within the Detention Center and oversees the facility's volunteer program. The facility boasts more than 200 volunteers who provide services that include religious, educational, literacy and a variety of life skills programs. In addition, staff and contractors provide valuable rehabilitative programs that help offenders transform their lives. More information about inmate programs is available online.

The efforts of the Inmate Services are also targeted into the community as well. The Alexandria Criminal Justice Services (ACJS) Program provides pretrial and local probation services to the local courts. Alternative Programs staff coordinate and supervise offenders serving sentences on weekends (the Incremental Sentencing Program), and in the community in lieu of incarcerations (the Modified Work Release Program). Also, offenders may work while serving their sentences through the Work Release program. Inmates work during the day at jobs in the community and return to the facility at night to fulfill their sentences. Additionally, the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP), operated by the state, is a court alternative for defendants with substance abuse related traffic offenses.



Detention Center Mental Health Team Inmate Classification Staff Nurse prepares paperwork for the night shift Alexandria Criminal Justice Services Staff 

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