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Page updated Nov 30, 2015 3:38 PM

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For Immediate Release: September 30, 2010

Athletic Field Lights to Operate During Daylight Hours at the Minnie Howard Field Resulting from Recent Repair Work

Repairs associated with the athletic field lights at the Minnie Howard Field, located at 3701 West Braddock Rd. will continue in to October 2010.  The lights are low-spill cut-off-design fixtures which were installed in 2007 as a part of the conversion of the Minnie Howard Field from natural grass to synthetic turf.

Each of the individual sports light lamp bulbs were recently replaced under warranty by the light fixture manufacturer.  This type of bulb replacement requires approximately 100 hours of “burn-in” time to stabilize the lighting levels in preparation for field use.  The “burn-in” process is anticipated to occur during weekday daylight hours on October 4-8, October 11-15, and October 18-19.  The lights will be run on weekday and weekend nights consistent with normal field use.  Previously programmed evening activities will not be affected by the light stabilization period.

All work is being performed under warranty by the lighting manufacturer and at no cost to the City.  The manufacturer has agreed to provide remuneration to the City for electricity used during testing, lamp replacement and the “burn-in” period, and has provided an extended warranty for the remedy work.

For additional information, contact Beth Carton at 703.746.5492 (TTY 703.838.4902) or by e-mail at