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Page updated Oct 29, 2015 10:10 AM

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About Planning & Zoning

Information about Planning & Zoning.

Planning and Zoning works closely with the community in each area of the City to carry out City Council's 2004-2015 Strategic Plan for vibrant, amenity-rich neighborhoods, protected historic resources, and vital local businesses. With the community as our partner in developing neighborhood plans and reviewing proposals for development projects and businesses, we continue to deliver on the Vision we have developed together.

Each year Planning and Zoning coordinates with other City agencies to develop a Planning Interdepartmental Work Program.  The Work Program provides a schedule for major planning projects and work associated with plan implementation in the upcoming fiscal year and is presented to City Council for consideration and approval.

DRAFT FY2016 Long Range Planning Interdepartment Work Program

FY2015 Approved Long Range Planning Interdepartmental Work Program 

In 2013, City Manager Rashad Young established the FY2014-2016 Performance Plan which outlines strategies for achieving the goals of the City's Strategic Plan.  The Performance Plan defines four Focus Areas each with a core mission and long term and intermediate outcomes.  

Planning and Zoning is dedicated to meeting the goals of the Performance Plan and the Strategic Plan through:   

Preserving and Enhancing Neighborhoods: Alexandria's neighborhoods each boast a distinct local identity. Each of the City's 18 Neighborhood Plans (Small Area Plans) establishes the vision that celebrates the distinct community character while providing the framework for quality future development and enhancements.  The Neighborhood Planning and Community Development division works collaboratively with other City agencies and the community to develop and implement neighborhood plans that provide for amenity-rich, inclusive, diverse, attractive, and well-functioning communities.

Ensuring Quality DevelopmentThrough a collaborative development plan review process, the Development Division establishes a high level of quality for new development that meets the vision of the Small Area Plans, area-specific design guidelines and zoning regulations.  The comprehensive review process also ensures that new buildings are compatible in size and form with the character of the neighborhood, create safe and active streetscapes, create walkable neighborhoods that blend retail and office with residential uses that are conveniently connected to transit corridors and stations and, feature a wide range of housing choices for people of all ages and income levels.  

Preserving our History: With two historic districts, two review boards, and strong preservation elements in the City's Master Plan and Historic Preservation Design Guidelines and Policies, we preserve our City's important historic assets.  The Historic Preservation Division reviews requests for alterations to buildings and other structures for compliance with the City's Historic Preservation standards within the historic districts and for 100-year old buildings throughout Alexandria. 

Supporting Businesses: Businesses are attracted to Alexandria for its unique charm, diversity and accessibility.  Initiatives such as the King Street Retail Strategy and the Mt. Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan have stimulated the City's most-notable retail areas, Old Town (King St) and Del Ray (Mount Vernon Avenue), which preserve the traditional urban feel, create vital sidewalks with unique local businesses, and provide parking and transit options.  The Zoning Division promotes a business-friendly environment through programs such as the Outdoor Dining Program, King St. A-Frame Sign Program and the Administrative Special Use Permit process.  

More Information 

Questions? Call the Department of Planning and Zoning, 703.746.4666 or visit the Room 2100 at City Hall, 301 King Street. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.