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Page updated Jan 16, 2015 2:22 PM

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Public Safety Partnerships

The Alexandria Sheriff's Office is committed to fulfilling its role as Alexandria's secondary law enforcement agency. In addition to its primary duties, the Sheriff's Office supports the Alexandria Police Department, as needed, to ensure that Alexandrians are provided the best in public safety services. Working in partnership, the Sheriff's Office and Police Department serve together on law enforcement related projects to produce a safer Alexandria. 

The Sheriff's Office facilitates public safety in Alexandria through its:

  • Participation in specialized task forces to produce a targeted response

The Sheriff's Office has worked in partnership with the Alexandria Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in the region on special projects to target specific crimes and offenders. These include participation in the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force operated by the U.S. Marshals Service.

  • Law enforcement presence provided by Sheriff's Office marked vehicles in the community

Sheriff's Office vehicles traverse the City each day, providing additional law enforcement presence and crime deterrence.

  • Provision of security services during the City's special events

Alexandria Deputy Sheriffs are present at City's special events, providing security and assurance to residents and visitors to parades, street festivals, school and park events, and all public gatherings.Sheriff's Office Vehicle

  • Service of Protective Orders in domestic violence cases

Deputy Sheriffs provide safe service of protective orders, providing peace of mind to victims of domestic violence.

  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

    CIT was developed in collaboration with the Department of Community and Human Services, Police Department and Sheriff’s Office to improve staff interactions and outcomes with persons with mental illness and substance use disorders. Alexandria’s program includes staff from all first responding agencies to ensure that a comprehensive, City-wide approach is in place to assist those with mental illness. Learn more through the CIT page.

  • Sex offender checks

In cooperation with Virginia State Police, Alexandria Deputy Sheriffs conduct home site checks of sex offenders living in Alexandria, helping to ensure that sex offenders are regularly tracked.

  • Annual Halloween detailSgt. Deborah Vaughan and young admirer during 2010 National Night Out 

Alexandria Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers work together every Halloween to protect our most vulnerable citizens in their annual hunt for goodies.

  • Participation in DWI/DUI checkpoints

Trained Deputy Sheriff's provide support to the Police during DWI/DUI checkpoints, to help keep impaired drivers off Alexandria's roadways.

  • Capture and arrest of fugitives from justice

The Sheriff's Office Warrant Unit vigilantly captures fugitives from justice, promoting safer communities for Alexandria and the Washington Metropolitan Area.

  • VINE

The Sheriff's Office is the City's lead agency for VINE (Victim Information and Notification Every Day). VINE is a nationwide database that tracks the movement of offenders within correctional facilities, providing up to date information to victims, families and the general public about the custody status of incarcerated offenders. VINE also provides offender release information to victims and others interested in knowing when an offender is being released from incarceration.  Learn more from the VINE website.