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Alexandria Mentoring Partnership
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Page updated Jul 30, 2013 2:40 PM

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Alexandria Mentoring Partnership image 2Why Mentor?

There are a variety of many benefits to both the mentor and mentee to getting involved in this important work! No prior experience is required, and we provide you with extensive training on how to be an effective mentor. One hour, once a week, for one year can make a big difference!

Mentor a Child. Change Two Lives. So what are the benefits?

Ninety-nine percent of mentors recommend it to others. It is a proven national best-practice that decreases the risk of crime, teen pregnancy, gang involvement, drug abuse and poor school performance.  An average of four hours a month can truly affect a young person’s future. Mentoring can be one-on-one, school-based, activity based, or group based. Professional guidance and support is available for all mentors.


Mentoring is a great way to reach out and truly get involved in your community.  Through spending time with a child, you will make an investment not only in his or her growth and development, but also in that of the surrounding community. Each empowered, educated child has the potential to give to others like them the same support and care they have received.  What’s in it for their community? Exponential change and betterment.

Touch Lives

Through mentoring you will guide the bright, young minds that are the leaders of the future and therefore, contribute to the prevention of gangs, crime, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. The child you mentor will look to you for the guidance and wisdom that, supplied during their most impressionable years, will undoubtedly shape the adult he or she will become. 


This is your chance to be Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Incredible Hulk without the inconvenience of tights, leotards or green skin.  As a mentor you will shine in your child’s eyes and know that the time you’ve spent together has not only added value and motivation to your life, but to his or hers as well.  No form of flattery is greater or more meaningful than the adoration of a child. You’ll feel better about yourself in the process.

Lead and Learn

In many aspects mentors show their children the way.  Mentors lead activities, games, and outings, but also guide their children to make good decisions and to look toward positive influences.  In turn for your guidance, you will gain an astounding amount of wisdom simply from interacting with your child.  Both of you will be for the better.


As a mentor, you will have the privilege of a child’s inquisitive mind and fresh honesty, although a few bad moods or broody days will likely be thrown in the mix. You will assuredly forge a relationship that will supply plenty of smiles and laughter, but be genuine enough to endure tears, disappointments, and all the usual bumps along the path of adolescence. 

Meet like minded adults

Whatever your motivation, becoming a mentor is a great way to expand your social network.  At information sessions, trainings and support/fun events you will have the opportunity to meet adults who share your passion and commitment to helping others.