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Page updated Jun 25, 2013 3:09 PM

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Census 2010 Links

The links below are to summary data published by the Census Bureau and to the Census web site where individuals can download their own custom data requests.

  • American Factfinder U.S. Census Bureau web site home page for Census 2010
    The 2010 Census includes the most recent information for the City based on a complete count of all households in the City. This data is available citywide as well as by geographic subareas smaller than the City as a whole, including blocks, block groups, and census tracts. Only part of the 2010 Census data is available to date by geographic subareas of the City - limited racial and ethnic categories, and age by below-18 and 18 and over.

While the new version of Factfinder works, it's not the same as the previous version, and it can be frustrating to use at first. As an example, to access and download the City demographic and housing profile, do the following once you have opened the American Factfinder site:

  1. Go to the "Quick Start" section in the center of the web page. Click in the entry box for "Geography" and enter Alexandria city, Virginia. The page will search for matching terms as you are typing, and when you see Alexandria city come up you can click on that entry if you wish to complete the entry.
  2. Click "GO" to the right of the data entry box. This will bring up a new page with check boxes for all the data items that are available for Alexandria. They appear to be provided in chronological order by when they are released, with the most recent at the top. At the time this was prepared, the DP-1 data set, Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics 2010, was the top item in the list.
  3. Find DP-1 in the list, and click to turn on the check mark in the check box at DP-1.
  4. Click View or Download at the top or bottom of the list.
  • If you click Download from this screen, your page will be downloaded as a Zip file in comma-delimited text format suitable for loading in data base applications including Excel.
  • If you click View from this screen, you will have a choice of download options once the data appears, including Excel and PDF formats.
    • After clicking View, if you wish to download, select the format you want and click OK. You will be given the choice of Opening or Saving the file.
      • If you choose Open the file will open in a program appropriate to the format you selected. Once the file opens, you can save a copy to your desktop or another location of your choice.
      • If you choose Save, the file will be saved in the default location where your downloads are saved, often in My Documents\Downloads

Once you have viewed or downloaded your data set, you can go back to the search page (click on the "Back to Search" in the upper left) and change the geography of your search, or change the search item.

For information on how the City helped prepare for the Census, visit the link below describing the activities of the 2010 U.S. Census Alexandria Complete Count Committee.

Related Links

    US Census Bureau Census 2000 home page
    The 2000 Census provides the previous data based on a complete count of all households in the City. This data is available citywide as well as by geographic subareas smaller than the City as a whole, including blocks, block groups, and census tracts.
  • City Census 2000 data maps for viewing or downloading (link to page wtih PDF file links).
  • US Census Bureau American Community Survey home page
    The American Community Survey annual statistics are citywide, and are based on surveys of a very small sample of the population each year. 5-year average statistics are now available from the period 2005 to 2009 by Census Tract and Block Group.