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In early 2011, The City of Alexandria adopted a Complete Streets Policy to ensure our transportation network and infrastructure is designed to ensure safe, convenient travel for all users.  The policy was reenacted in 2014.  We recognize that the users of our transportation system include pedestrians, bicyclists, riders and drivers of public transportation, in addition to motor vehicle drivers.

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Complete Streets Open House, Tuesday, June 17 –  
The Department of Transportation & Environmental Services T&ES, Transportation Planning Division held a Complete Streets Open House on Tuesday, June 17 from 6-8 p.m. located at City Hall. Complete Streets are designed for people of all ages and abilities and ensure safe and convenient travel for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, riders and drivers of public transportation, as well as drivers of motor vehicles. This meeting was held as an informational open house and will highlight types of Complete Streets projects, including ongoing and upcoming projects in Old Town.  The presentation can be viewed here, and the Open House boards can be viewed  here.

Complete Streets Projects

Speed Cushion Requests   

 Upcoming Complete Streets Events

Complete Streets Community Presentations can be found here:


 CS Projects 

To reach the City's Complete Streets Coordinator with a request, suggestion or inquiry regarding the biking, walking or any other Complete Streets concern, access Call.Click.Connect HERE.

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