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What's New?

There are now five new on-street Zipcars in the City.  See below: On Street Zipcar 

  • 600 Block of Madison Street, north side of the street
  • 700 block of Montgomery Street. north side of the street
  • 1600 block of Prince Street, north side of the street
  • 700 block of Wilkes Street. north side of the street
  • 700 block of Jefferson Street, south side of the street 

What is Carsharing?

In most cases, people do not want a car, but the service one provides. Carsharing allows people to use a car when needed, without the costs and inconveniences of car ownership. Simply defined, carsharing is sharing the use of a private vehicle with one's community. Carsharing is similar to car rental with the main differences being that an individual can use the carsharing vehicle for as little as one hour and the cars are located in the communities rather than at a central car rental location.

Carsharing began in Switzerland in the 1980's and expanded throughout Europe to include 450 cities. The concept has taken hold in the United States in areas such as Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Boston, D.C., and others. Generally, for-profit or non-profit organizations maintain the carsharing fleet and reservations website.

 Zipcar is currently the carshare agency providing service in the City of Alexandria and throughout the region

Carshare Alexandria!

Through the Carshare Alexandria! program, the City of Alexandria provides a monetary incentive to residents and businesses to encourage use of carsharing services in the City like Zipcar and Hertz On Demand.


For residents and businesses** signing up for Zipcar for the first-time the City will reimburse the application ($25) and annual membership fees ($60) within 30 Days of signing up for a membership. 

Hertz On Demand

For residents and businesses** signing up for Hertz on Demand for the first-time the City will reimburse usage fees up to $85 for the first 60 days of membership. 

To get started wtih Carshare Alexandria and to be reimbursed follow these easy steps  ...Zipcar

  1. Join a carshare organization and within 30 days ...
  2. Complete our simple reimbursement request (click HERE)
  3. Email, fax or mail your membership receipts/payment confirmation (Zipcar) or usage report (Hertz on Demand)  to: 

 Hertz on Demand 






Local Motion
Transportation Planning Division
421 King Street, suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314




"I've enjoyed the proximity of cars to my home and avoiding the hassles of car ownership." 

- Melissa C., resident

To help us measure the success of carsharing and plan for future needs, those seeking reimbursement through Carshare Alexandria! are required to complete a follow-up survey approximately nine months from the time of reimbursement.

** please call 703-746-4084 or email geralyn.taylor@alexandriava.gov  for more information 

Benefits of Carsharing

  • Increases use of more efficient and environmentally friendly mode of travel - bicycling, walking, public transportation, carpooling/vanpooling
  • Reduces personal vehicle usage up to fifty percent.
  • Encourages trip chaining.
  • Enables households to give up owning second and third vehicles.
  • Each carsharing vehicle replaces four to eight privately owned cars.
  • Decreases vehicle ownership.
  • Reduces parking demand.
  • Lessens traffic congestion.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Less costly than owning and operating a personal vehicle.

For more information on carsharing, see Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 108: Car-Sharing--Where and How It Succeeds (Warning: This file is large--10.4 MB--) 

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