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Page updated Aug 17, 2010 8:30 AM

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Online Reference 2:  Revenue Summaries & Explanations

The following guide provides summaries on the various revenues collected by the City and an explanation of the City's modified accrual accounting procedures.  Click on any of the links in the Quick Guide to view information on any specific revenue type or explanation.

Quick Guide


Revenue Summaries

FY 2010 Approved Budget: 
Includes initial appropriation at start of fiscal year plus any reappropriation of encumbrances and other supplemental appropriations.

Real Property Taxes: 
Real property taxes are assessed as of January 1 and assessment notices are mailed to property owners in February.  Real estate taxes are billed and payable in two installments.  The first tax bill is mailed in May and is payable by June 15.  The second tax bill is mailed in October and is payable by November 15.

Personal Property Taxes: 
Personal property tax revenue consists of two sources: individual personal property (primarily vehicles), and business personal property (includes motor vehicles, machinery, computers, and furniture).  Taxes are assessed as of January 1.  Tax bills are mailed to taxpayers in late August and are due on October 5.  The State’s share of the local personal property tax payment for FY 2010 was capped at $23.6 million.  In FY 2010, this amount will cover approximately 73 percent of most taxpayers’ bills.  It covered approximately 69 percent of most taxpayers’ bills in FY 2009, which was the same rate that was provided in FY 2008.

Penalties & Interest:
  Penalties and interest on delinquent real estate and personal property tax.

Local Sales and Use Tax:
  Businesses remit sales tax to the Commonwealth within 30 days of the end of the month in which sales occurred.  The Commonwealth wires the City’s portion of the sales tax approximately one month later.

Consumer Utility Taxes:
  Consumer utility taxes are collected by the utility companies one month after billing and are remitted to the City the following month. 

Communications Sales and Use Taxes:
  Businesses remit the communications tax to the Commonwealth within 30 days of the end of the month in which the service occurred.  The Commonwealth wires the City’s portion of the communication tax one month later.

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Business License Taxes:  The City’s business license tax is due March 1, 2010.  These collections are counted and analyzed in March.  Most collections prior to March represent collections from taxpayers who pay on a quarterly basis.

Transient Lodging Taxes:
  Transient lodging taxes are remitted to the City within one month after collections.  

Restaurant Meals Taxes:
  Meals and alcoholic beverage taxes are due to the City within 30 days of the month the sales occurred. 

Tobacco Taxes:
  Businesses remit cigarette tax revenue to the Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board.  This revenue is then forwarded to the City approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which the sales occurred. 

Motor vehicle license tax:
  Annual license tax on all motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers.  Payment is due by October 5 each year.

Real Estate Recordation Taxes:
  Real estate recordation tax revenues are collected by the Clerk of the Circuit Court and remitted to the City the following month.

Admissions Tax:
  The admissions taxes are remitted to the City within one month after collections.  

Other Local Taxes:
  Includes telecommunications tax, car rental tax, and bank franchise tax.

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Revenue from the Federal Government: 
Includes reimbursement for federal prisoners held at the Alexandria Detention Center, and State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Aid (SCAAP)

Personal Property Tax Reimbursement from the Commonwealth:
  The Commonwealth of Virginia’s share of Alexandria’s personal property tax on vehicles.

Revenue from the Commonwealth:
  Includes Compensation Board reimbursements for public safety and finance functions, payment made to jurisdictions with Police Departments (H.B. 599), and aid for road maintenance.

Fines & Forfeitures:
  Includes parking fines and court fees.

Licenses & Permits:
  Includes mostly building permits and other Code fees.

Charges for Services:
  Revenues in this category include refuse user charges, ambulance fees, clerk fees and parking meter receipts. 

Revenue from Use of Money & Property:
  Revenues in this category include interest on investments, parking garage/lot fees and rental of property income. 

Other Revenue:
  Includes other non-tax revenues such as impound lot fees, surplus property sales, and purchase card rebates.

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