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Project Implementation
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Page updated Jun 16, 2015 4:22 PM

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Department of Project Implementation

The Department of Project Implementation was created as a new department in 2013 to provide improved focus on the City’s growing portfolio of complex capital infrastructure projects while shortening the delivery timetable of these projects through the application of best-practice project management methods.   The department is responsible for the implementation of many capital infrastructure projects, as well as coordinating and planning complex, multi-departmental projects such as the Waterfront Small Area Plan Implementation.   Projects include multimodal transportation (roadways, transit, bicycle/pedestrian improvements, and bridges) storm water system and water quality improvements, sanitary sewer improvements, flood mitigation and park design.  Information on our active projects is listed below.  

Duke Street over Holmes Run Bridge Repair Project

The City of Alexandria will be employing the services of Fort Myers Construction Company for the repair of the Duke Street bridge over Holmes Run.

The City conducts a federally-mandated bridge inspection program for in-service bridges and designates safety ratings to the bridges inspected.  All bridges in the City are inspected at a minimum of every two years and the results are reported to the State.  Based on the recommendations included in the inspection reports, required bridge maintenance works are done.  Providing routine maintenance will lengthen the life of each bridge and forestall the loss of structural integrity.

Type B repair on the bridge deck began on June 15, 2015 and it is expected to last six weeks.  Once the repair work on the deck is completed, cleaning and recoating of superstructure will follow.  It is anticipated that the cleaning and recoating of superstructure is going to last for two months, during which time the bike trail passing under the bridge will be closed, and bikers and pedestrians will be re-routed with a detour.

Construction began in June 2015, and is estimated to last four months.   For further information, please contact Tafesse Gyes, P.E., Acting Division Chief, Department of Projection Implementation at 703.746.4051 or 

Duke Street bridge over Holmes Run    Bearing Stiffener with Section Loss   Spalling on Deck Surface

     Duke Street Bridge over Holmes Run                                                Bearing Stiffener with Section Loss                                         Spalling and Asphalt Patching on Deck Surface

Backlick Run Stream Bank Stabilization Phase II

The City of Alexandria awarded a contract to Environmental Quality Resources LLC, of Millersville, Maryland for the construction of the second and final phase of Backlick Run stream embankment repairs. This project is divided into two distinct construction sites located at the east and west ends of the existing concrete channel. The work on the east site  involves  concrete repairs to the spillway along with rip-rap placement downstream and on the embankments.  The work on the west site involves replacement of the concrete embankment protection adjacent to Armistead Boothe Park.  Rip-rap is rock normally used to protect embankments against erosion. The purpose of the project is to prevent further erosion of the north bank and to restore channel geometry to original conditions.

During Tropical Storm Lee, which occurred from September 5 through September 9, 2011, the City experienced severe flooding along Backlick Run. The flooding associated with that storm event caused  severe erosion of the stream embankments

Construction will begin in February 2015 and will last for approximately 180 days.  Construction access to the east site will be from Duke Street through Ben Brenman Park. Construction access to the west site will be from Edsall Road through Armistead Boothe Park via the park access drive.

Baclick Run Stream Bank Stabilization photo      Backlick Run Stream Bank Stabilization photo

Left Photo:  Eastern site - Area of channel concrete repairs near Ben Brenman Park

Right Photo: Western site - Area of concrete enbankment repairs near Cameron Station West End Park

Windmill Hill Shoreline Rehabilitation Project

Consistent with the City Council approved 2003 Windmill Hill Park plan, the City of Alexandria is working with a design team led by Kimley-Horn, with input from the community, to implement the replacement of the current bulkhead and shoreline improvements.

Windmill Hill

Additional information can be found on the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities Department's Windmill Hill Park page.

City Sewer Rehabilitation Projects  

The Department of Project Implementation is undertaking several sewer rehabilitation projects around the City.  These projects are described in detail on the City Sewer Rehabilitation Projects page.
Deteriorating SewerSewer After CIPP

Burke Library Stormwater Management Improvements

The City of Alexandria will be employing the services of Sagres Construction Company for the construction of stormwater management improvements at the Burke Library. The purpose of the project is to improve the water quality of stormwater runoff discharging into the city storm sewer system.  

The intended improvements for this site will include construction of a bio-retention facility and a below-grade prefabricated filtration device.  The improvements will provide filtration of stormwater runoff in the area. The bio-retention facility will be landscaped, thereby increasing tree canopy coverage while reducing mowing requirements. Additionally, minor changes will be made to the parking lot so there will be no loss of parking spaces due to the addition of the stormwater management improvements. The construction began in January 2015 and will be completed in April 2015.   Construction access to the site will be from Library Lane.

For further information please contact the Project Manager, David Fehr, P.E., at 703.282.9619 or

Burke Library from Library Lane

                                                        Burke Library from Library Lane

Alexandria Waterfront Phase I Design Approved

On June 14, 2014, the City Council approved Phase I of the City's Waterfront Landscape and Flood Mitigation Design Project. This design builds on the illustrative concept design for the Waterfront that is shown in the City's Waterfront Small Area Plan (SAP) approved in January 2012. The Phase I design is a major step forward in the implementation process for the SAP and it reflects a strong collaborative effort between the City, the Community, and the consultant teams from The Olin Studio and URS Corporation . The design provides connectivity along the Waterfront from Tidelock Park in the north to Windmill Hill Park in the south, it increases visual and physical accessibility to and from the water, it enhances and improves public spaces, it provides other amenities, and it accommodates the historic outcome of the City-Old Dominion Boat Club negotiations . Phase II of the design will begin in fall 2014. Read more about the City's Waterfront SAP Implementation effort.  

Alexandria Waterfront 

Completed Department of Project Implementation Projects