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Gang & Youth Violence Prevention & Intervention

Brown Bag Lunch Series  

  • Alexandria Mentoring Partnership  
  • Gang Prevention Community Task Force  
  • Northern Virginia Regional Task Force  
  • Senior Policy Group on Gangs
  • Report Graffiti  
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    Gang Prevention Community Task Force 

    Alexandria City and School departments that are involved in gang suppression, prevention and intervention efforts formed a joint senior policy work group to communicate and coordinate gang related suppression, prevention and intervention activities.

    To assist the work of the senior policy work group, Council formed a task force of community representatives that would focus on gang problems and issues. This task force, the Gang Prevention Community Task Force, held its initial meeting on May 18, 2005, and was charged with the following functions and responsibilities:

    1. Receive briefings on the status of gang suppression, prevention and intervention programs and activities in the City and, insofar as directly relevant to the City, the status of similar programs and activities in the metropolitan region;
    2. Assist in informing and educating the Alexandria community about the gang suppression, prevention and intervention programs and activities that are occurring in the City and in the region;
    3. Assist in identifying programs and activities that will address specific gang-related problems or issues in the City, with a particular emphasis on programs and activities that will prevent individuals from joining gangs and/or that will intervene with individuals who are members of a gang to facilitate their withdrawal from such membership;
    4. Assist in identifying opportunities to obtain funding for programs and activities that will address such gang-related problems or issues in the City; and
    5. Assist in identifying state or local laws that should be enacted or amended to enable the City, and possibly other local governments, to better address problems and issues arising from or related to gangs. 

    On October 10, 2006, through City Council, the Gang Prevention Community Task Force membership was expanded from 13 members to now 17 members and includes the following:

    • Two members of the Alexandria City Council
    • One member of the Alexandria School Board
    • The City Manager or his designee
    • One representative of TC Williams High School
    • One representative of City Middle Schools
    • One representative of Alexandria Elementary Schools
    • One representative of the Private Schools in Alexandria
    • One representative of a Community-Based Organization with specific outreach to the Latino community
    • One representative of a Community-Based Organization with specific outreach to the African-American Community
    • Two representatives of Alexandria youth, At-Large
    • One representative of the Alexandria Interfaith Council
    • Two representatives from the City at large
    • One representative of parents of Alexandria youth
    • One representative of the business community

    In November, 2005, Mike Mackey began working as the City’s Gang Prevention & Intervention Coordinator and staffs the efforts of the senior policy work group as well as gang prevention efforts in the Northern Virginia region. Please contact Mike Mackey at 703-746-4496 or 703-746-4144 or email with any questions, or to find out when upcoming meetings are scheduled. You can also check the Boards and Commission calendar.

    Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force


    Overarching Goals:

    1. Increase youth/family participation in positive activities & supports (decreasing participation in gang or crew related activities);
    2. Decrease gang and crew crime and incidents;
    3. Increase school attendance and graduation rates


    Regional Partnership continues in full - enforcement and prevention, education, intervention – 17 jurisdictions (since 2003) Northern VA Regional Gang Task Force ( 

    Intervention Prevention Education: specialized education, assessment and case management for gang prevention or intervention cases.  There have been 600 cases served.  Alexandria afforded double the staff it was designed to receive due to overwhelming proactive referrals from multiple community-serving agencies. Refer cases directly to  

    Public Service Announcement: “Don’t Lose Yourself in a Gang” PSA originally in newspapers, radio, television, and movie theaters. Community use - during trainings/family events –families at event invited to stop at table to view 30 second video – short information blast with complementary hand-outs.  View 

    Regional Gang Assessment: Regional Gang Assessment – 1st of its kind in nation - publicly released 10/26/09.

    Leisure Time Support: Soccer Tournaments, College Soccer Games, Midnight Basketball, Camp opportunities

    Calls: from across the country about Regional Gang Task Force model – e.g. Florida, California, Alaska

    Regional Training – on Gang Intervention and Human Trafficking.

    Washington Metro Gang Prevention Network has been created with Council of Governments and partners in DC and Maryland

    Tattoo Removal programming through Fairfax County and Prince William/Loudoun

    Jobs - Skill and employability initiative with Seaport Foundation and summer jobs program.

    Special Soccer League Programs for our at-risk youth intended to begin through Virginia Youth Soccer Association


    Local Gang Task Force – 17 member group since 2005

    Senior Policy Work Group – 13 Department Heads (per Regional MOU)

    Subcommittee on Drop-Out Prevention led by Jim Copple, who presented plan to Council in March, 09 – City/Staff Education, Literacy Initiative, Re-Entry and Breaking Down Silos – continuation of this group to include vocational and career education programming and Ethics Education Pilot.

    Youth and Parent Focus – representation on Gang Task Force.

    Alexandria Mentoring Partnership – focus of increasing effectiveness and recruitment 

    Frequent community education – as a follow up to major Summit held in 2006, community education sessions have occurred on an average 1 per week (including proactive training requests through ACPS for staff).  Please contact Mike Mackey for community presentation/training.

    Risk Behavior Presentations - collaborative “risk behavior” presentations with Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy and Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria with PTAs, schools and family centers. Please contact Mike Mackey for this training.

    Troubleshooting on issues/cases – collaboration on potential gang/crew prevention issues with APD, ARHA and others

    Presentations at Virginia Municipal League of Cities, FBI and State Department. 

     Logic Model Development - click here for more information