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FY 14 Budget Process

Yet another update: I'm glad to hear talk that the Alexandria library system's materials budget might ...more

David H. Rothman - (355) User - 5/06/13 2:01 PM

Further update: Amazon’s book city #1 avoids cuts in library hours but still might reduce its library ...more

David Rothman (362) User - 5/03/13 2:55 PM

Update: "Cut in Alexandria, VA, library hours not needed, says city staff memo. Also: Councilman ...more

David H. Rothman - (355) User - 4/29/13 12:29 AM

Even in cold-blooded business terms, the proposed library cuts in Alexandria don’t make sense--neither ...more

David H. Rothman - (355) User - 4/28/13 9:51 PM

Has a request been made for proposals from private pool operating companies? How much would be saved ...more

million (351) User - 4/09/13 12:41 PM

Please do not cut Duncan's evening hours! I have tutored there as an adult literacy teacher for almost ...more

Alana H. (349) User - 4/04/13 1:19 PM

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Budget Memoranda are used to respond to City Council questions and requests during the budget deliberation process. Budget Memoranda for the Fiscal Year 2014 budget process are listed below, sorted by category or type. For assistance searching topics of interest on this page, please use your internet browser’s "Find" function (typically by pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard). If you prefer reading the budget memos in their entirety in chronological order of when they were delivered to City Council, click the Sort by: Date Delivered link below.


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Budget Process & Citywide Budget Issues

Responses to Council Questions by Topic

3-1-1 Number for Citizen Assistance 


Alexandria Fund for Human Services 


Capital Bikeshare 

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 

City Marina 

City Vehicles 

Child Care Services 

Child Safety Seats 

Contingent Reserves 

Crosswalks and Other Complete Street Projects 




FEMA National Flood Insurance Program 



Head Start Program 

Health Insurance 



Living Wage Adjustment 

Life Insurance 

Northern Virginia Gang Task Force 

Parking Meters 

Pensions and Retirement Benefits 

Planning and Zoning 


Potomac Yard Metrorail Station 

 Public Health

Recreations, Parks and Cultural Activities 

SBDC Services 


Solid Waste/Refuse 

Taxes and Fees 

Transit Store 


VPI Funding