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January 19, 2012

In arguing that the City Council should ...more

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Andrew Macdonald (220) User - 1/20/12 9:40 AM

January 19, 2012

RE: Waterfront Small Area Plan and Zoning Text Amendment: Master Plan Amendment ...more

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December 18, 2011

RE: Waterfront Small Area Plan and Zoning Text Amendment: Master Plan Amendment ...more

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I am in favor of a waterfront plan that enhances the unique historic nature of our city and protects ...more

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The protest petition process is a mechanism which can be employed by those most affected by a zoning ...more

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Waterfront Plan cover image
Waterfront Small Area Plan

In June 2011, City Council adopted a resolution establishing the work group to accomplish the following objectives: (a) identify Plan consensus areas; and (b) identify, categorize and narrow differences on the concerns that residents have raised. The eight members of the Waterfront Plan Work Group were appointed by Mayor Euille, based upon recommendations submitted by City Council members, and an outside facilitator, Sherry Schiller, Ph.D., an Alexandrian who is President of the locally-based Schiller Center, who was selected to lead the group through their discussions.

Work Group meetings were open to the public. All meeting dates, videos, and meeting notes, have been posted on this website to help the public follow, and participate in, the process. Additionally, the public was able to use an online comment board to share ideas and thoughts with the Work Group. Inquiries regarding the Work Group should be directed to Jennifer Harris, Communications Officer, Office of Communications and Public Information, at or the Media Hotline at 703.746.3969.

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Waterfront Plan Work Group Members

The following individuals have been appointed to the Waterfront Plan Work Group: 

  • Christopher Ballard, principal at McWilliamsBallard, a residential real estate and marketing firm focused on the East Coast.
  • Bert Ely, head of Ely and Company, a financial institutions and monetary policy consulting firm.
  • Mindy Lyle, Vice President Client Development, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
  • Elliot Rhodeside, Principal, Rhodeside & Harwell, a firm offering urban planning and landscape design with a focus on revitalization and sustainability.
  • Nate Macek, a transportation consultant representing the Waterfront Committee.
  • David Olinger, realtor, Senior Foreign Service Officer (Ret.) with a background in urban planning, representing the Old Town Civic Association..
  • Lt. Gen Bob Wood (ret), served as the Army's senior strategic planner in developing and implementing the Army's strategic response plan for combating worldwide terrorism in the wake of 9/11.
  • City Councilman Paul Smedberg, who will serve as a non-voting City Council representative and convener of the Work Group.

"The appointed Waterfront Plan Work Group is an exceptional group of community leaders, uniquely qualified to provide guidance on the most challenging areas of the Waterfront Plan," said Mayor Euille. "I received a strong list of candidates from throughout the City, and I am confident that the appointees that were chosen are dedicated to narrowing our differences, building towards a consensus, and offering solutions. The Waterfront Plan Work Group has a great deal of hard work ahead of them this summer, but we look forward to their results this fall so we can all move forward with the Waterfront Plan."