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Page updated Mar 17, 2010 12:14 PM

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City of Alexandria to Submit Proposal for Google’s Fiber for Communities Project

News Highlights:

  • Alexandria City Council approved plans to respond to Google’s call for communities to be involved in its Fiber for Communities project.
  • Residents are being engaged through multiple social media campaigns, including a Facebook fan page, YouTube videos, and a personal appeal at the Mayor’s State of the City address.

More Information:

On March 9, the Alexandria City Council approved plans to respond to Google’s call for communities to be involved in its Fiber for Communities project. Google is planning to test ultra-high speed Internet access networks in one or more trial locations across the country. According to Google, these networks will deliver Internet speeds more than 20 times faster than what most Alexandria residents have access to today. Google is asking communities to submit responses to a Request for Information by March 26, to determine where to build the network.

The City of Alexandria has launched an aggressive outreach campaign to encourage residents to let Google know that they would like Alexandria to be chosen for their Fiber for Communities pilot. A new page on the City’s Web site has been launched, and the City is encouraging residents to submit survey responses to Google about why they need to test their broadband access program here. Mayor William D. Euille will also be making a personal appeal at his annual State of the City address on Saturday, March 20, where residents will be able to participate in a video about the need for Google Fiber in Alexandria.

The City has also begun widespread promotion through social media outlets, creating a Facebook fan page, establishing a Twitter campaign (#g4alex), and asking residents to submit YouTube videos that make the case for Google in Alexandria. 

Most Alexandrians have few choices for broadband access, and the City of Alexandria is hoping that Google can provide another option. Alexandria is one of the most densely populated medium-sized cities in the country, so Google's fiber will reach more potential customers than in other markets. Alexandria has been recognized as one of the top four Digital Cities in America since 2005, and its reputation as a highly-wired digital city makes it an excellent choice for Google’s Fiber for Communities Project.